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A new Louis Vuitton bag is definitely going to make rounds in the fashion industry with its versatile and trendy look. Lend us your eyes and attention as we bring to you this latest addition to the Louis Vuitton family, which is none other than the Double V Bag.

Despite being a newcomer in the bag scene, the Louis Vuitton Double V Bag is a promising one with its unique double V design. Even at first glance, your attention will surely be focused on its V-shape Flap design, it’s very attractive and will help your steal every spotlight. The flap is made from grained calf leather, while the inside (which supports the V design) is made from monogram canvas.

Aside from this, the Double V Bag also flaunts a sexier and more voluptuous shape thus making it an attractive bag to bring anytime, anywhere. Now let’s get down to business and talk about its distinctive features.

Made from noble fine-grained calf leather with a Monogram canvas flap, this bag is further accentuated by its gold color metallic pieces. It also has a removable and adjustable longer strap for easy shoulder carrying.

Now let’s look at the interior, this bag won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for great compartments. It has 2 exterior flat pockets, an inside zipped closure pocket, and an interior button closure pocket to keep your things safe and sound. It also boasts of a magnetic leather flap closing system for easy access and for security purposes.

Measuring 11” x 7.5” x 6.4” inches and is priced $3550 USD, €2600 euro, £2420 GBP, $4450 CAD, $29500 HKD, $4600 AUD, ¥419040 JPY, ¥27300 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.






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Loewe has proven time and time again that they’re a cut above the rest…even with their seemingly understated designs. Well, they’ve got an eye for streamlined pieces, that’s why we aren’t’ surprised. Today, we’re giving you the Large Double Pouch, which comes in an array of colors to choose from. It’s not candy alright, but you’ll feel like a kid in the store with these babies!

The piece is a double zipped clutch in fab calf leather, a material that’s know to be highly resilient to wear and tear. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it even more appealing (versatility is sexy, alright). It has a straightforward notched silhouette and T-bar profile with hand painted edges. If you’re looking for luxe, then this is it! Well, we’re pretty sure you’ll love this piece more than just a little.

Measuring 29.5cm x 20cm x 13.5cm, you can get your very own Large Double Pouch for $1,290 USD via Loewe e-store.








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Prada Double Bag

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Okay, here’s one of the most recent hot release; the NEW Prada Double Bag. You must be asking; what’s so exceptional about it?

First of all, it’s in the colors (this reminds me of the countless energy I’ve put in picking my Balenciaga bag color). Though I like to have my bag in my favorite shade, the options of the Prada Double Bag are endless. This will be your hardest task, what you can choose are: Fuoco, Papaya, Caramel, Cuir Noisette, Polline, Girasole, Verde, Astrale, Turchese, Cobalto, Bluette, Nero, Pomice, Cammeo and Talco. Get it?

Secondly, the space. The bag is blessed with an enormous room to keep all your content structured and organized, so you can spend less time searching and more time shopping. This is basic economics.

Prada had spend numerous hours in picking the right leather, they made the Prada Double Bag light weighed and at the same time strong enough to hold when it gets overloaded. The handles must be put together in a way to make transportation easier without hurting your hands or feeling heavy.

Finally, the Prada Double Bag has been released, it was first seen in NY fashion week and all our love is currently on it. It’s time to double up and to get double fun.

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Chanel Golden Class Double CC Bag For Fall Winter 2014 Collection


CHANEL has designed many handbags with the CC signature on the front, but not all of them are gorgeous and chic (in our opinion). But handbags that look similar to the Classic Flap Bags are usually to-die-for. For example, this Chanel Golden Double CC Flap Bag, can you turn your back on it?

This bag is a true statement-maker, it stands out even more than the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. The golden CC embellishment is not only shining bright, but it’s the first thing that any human eye will point to whenever they see you carrying it on your shoulder. It’s all about flaunting without effort and it is still a perfect everyday wear at the same time, for the weekends or the evenings.

The Chanel Golden Double CC Bag is quilted and comes with an interwoven chain link; it’s so luxurious that you will want to add it to your exclusive bag collection. On the other hand, if you already got the Classic Flap Bag, this version has an entirely different appearance.

Even today, one of the most regular questions we get is: ‘Is this bag still available?’. The answer: ‘Yes, Chanel will drop this bag for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection Act 1’. Now, let’s dive into the details:

Chanel Golden Class Large Flap Bag
Style code: A92151
Prices: $3,800 USD

Chanel Golden Class Medium Flap Bag
Style code: A92135
Prices: $3,400 USD
Sizes: 7.4 x 9.6 x 2

Chanel Golden Class Small Flap Bag
Style code: A92133
Prices: $2,900 USD / €2250 euro
Sizes: 5 x 7.6 x 2




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