Chanel Mademoiselle Privé: Where Decadence Meets Elegance

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You’ve read about the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition held in Seoul back in June, but did you know all about the watch bearing the very same name from Chanel’s well-rounded watch collection? Itself shaped like a perfect circle, the Mademoiselle Privé is no ordinary watch, but rather an artisanal jewel that brings together high jewellery know-how and time-keeping perfection thanks to the unsurpassed skill of the Métiers d’Artcraftsmanship used in fine watchmaking and high jewellery. The epitome of the saying ‘the devil is in the details’ is clear with the Mademoiselle Privé, but make no mistake though, the devil here refers to the gorgeous patterns (often adorned with diamonds) set within the otherwise simple and round case.


Another chapter into Chanel’s creative journey, the jewellery watch beautifully showcases the world of Gabrielle Chanel and her cherished emblems of love that’s centred around different themes, with this year being one that’s all about the stained-glass windows of Aubazine abbey in south-western France where she grew up as a child.


Depicting the same motifs found on the windows that are set with diamonds on the watch faces, there are 3 different designs, each limited to just 5 pieces each and individually numbered. The 37.5 mm wide Mademoiselle Privé is stunning, the 18K white gold case set with 552 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling approximately 3.03 carats. The watch’s 18K white gold crown is also set with a diamond of around 0.19 carats.

With the Mademoiselle Privé, it is more than just a watch that simply keeps time. It is a watch that’s also a piece of high jewellery and it is this duality that Coco Chanel herself cherished. The country girl who grew up and found herself the centre of Parisian chic. Or like how her ladylike garments actually had roots in menswear which she adapted for herself.

Decadent, elegant and perfect in every way, you can find Mademoiselle Privé timepieces at Chanel’s Fine Jewellery Boutique that’s located at #01-04 within Ngee Ann City.

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Chanel’s debuts a spectacular in-house watch movement for women: the Calibre 2

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Chanel is quickly developing their portfolio of watches and their dazzling new Première Camélia Skeleton Watch marks another feather in the maison’s cap. This is the first watch for ladies from Chanel to feature an in-house movement and the movement is being called Calibre 2. The first in-house movement from Chanel (Calibre 1) debuted in their Monsieur de Chanel watch last year.

Chanel’s Première is not a new watch at all; this model was originally launched 30 years ago. The new version features the same octagonal shape that’s inspired by the brand’s own No. 5 perfume bottle. The watch is available in a version with 104 brilliant-cut diamonds and 4 baguette-cut diamonds and another with 42 baguette-cut diamonds and 52 brilliant-cut diamonds. Chanel’s simple and classic aesthetic is maintained by the black satin strap and the white gold double folding buckle set with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Chanel’s skeletonized Calibre 2 is a work of art in itself. The movement has been designed in a way that its bridges form the house’s emblem, the Camelia flower. After the idea was conceptualized, it was the technical team’s responsibility to bring the vision to life, which they have certainly done. The movement is manually wound with a 48 hour power reserve. Chanel has gone one step further with the baguette diamond set watch by setting the movement with diamonds too. The brilliant cut diamond case version has no diamonds on the movement, but a bit of dazzle on the watch hands instead. The baguette version will also be available with a full pave bracelet.

According to Hodinkee, prices start at €130,000 (approx. $138,000) for the brilliant-set model while the baguette-set model is to be priced at €190,000 (approx. $200,000) on a satin strap and €260,000 (approximately $276,000) with the full pavé bracelet.

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Chanel launches limited edition platinum Monsieur de Chanel watch

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Chanel wowed us last year with when they dropped their Monsieur de Chanel watch, and this year the watch gets a dark new look just in time for Baselworld. The new Monsieur de Chanel features a limited edition 40mm platinum case with a sapphire crystal caseback that flaunts the movement inside.

Unlike its predecessor, this version features a striking black grand few enamel dial, which gives it much cooler look. The jumping hour and retrograde minute hand features remain the same, as does the Caliber 1 movement.

Only 100 of these black beauties have been produced so even the steep $63,000 price tag won’t deter collectors. Chanel has been upping their watch game lately and we’ve definitely taken notice. Last year’s Premier Flying Tourbillon and J12XS were pretty additions to the company’s roster of watches and we’re hoping that in time, their watches for men will be just as diverse.

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Chanel: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About The J12 (Part 2)

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Without further ado, here’s Part 2 to Chanel’s 6 Things You Didn’t Know About The J12.

#4 – Its strength is also legendary, and while it isn’t indestructible, it’s pretty strong. Think of the saying ‘it takes a diamond to scratch a diamond’ and you’ll know what I mean. Even more amazing, it all begins with high-grade ceramic power being tipped into moulds that are shaped after the bezel and the links on the watch strap, before being ‘fired’ in a kiln. I didn’t know this myself either, but they shrink by almost 20% during the firing process, compressing the powder and forming the hard ceramic pieces that are then buffed and shined into the iconic components that make up the watch. #mindblown

#5 – The high-tech ceramic J12 also has health benefits because it is hypoallergenic too. Yes, you read that right. Because if one is allergic to metals like nickel, you won’t have any issues with this watch. You might laugh, but with all sorts of allergies being even more commonplace these days, it is another factor to consider when buying a timepiece, especially an expensive one that’s meant to be worn every day. #mindblown

#6 – Last but by no means least, let’s take a look at another key component of any timepiece, the watch strap. Or in the case of the J12, it’s the bracelet that’s also made of ceramic. The first luxury brand to ever use ceramic as jewellery on such a big scale, it’s also scratch-resistant, inert to chemicals and ergonomically compatible. What I’m even more fascinated about is the patented magnetic clasp that took 7 years of research and allows it to ‘spring’ open as and when you need it to. Which is important since no one should ruin their freshly manicured nails while putting on or taking off their watch. #mindblown


And that’s it folks, 6 things you never knew about Chanel’s J12, and if you missed the first part, have a look here via this link. If any of you have more questions regarding the J12 or any of Chanel’s other timepieces for that matter, drop a comment here and I’ll get back to you guys as soon as I can.

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Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

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Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

Adornments has an incredible importance into a lady’s life. A lady utilizes it for adding some excellence to her identity.Amazing Necklace Watches Design.

Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

Amazing Necklace Watches Design Girls Collection 2016

The most imperative and broadly utilized bits of adornments are a neckband, studs, rings, wrist trinkets and watches. Be that as it may, among all these jewelry has an incredible significance. It is a neckwear kind of gems. It is worn around the neck area. Pieces of jewelry can be made by utilizing metals, fabrics, plastic, and so on and can be decorated with precious stones, dots, plumes, pointless yet great things, gems, and so forth. On this side, you are going to see an exceptionally surprising variety of watch accessories. Is it true that you are amazed by perusing this name? A watch neckband is composed by taking motivation from a watches. Along these lines, all pieces of jewelry which you are using so as to go to view are planned diverse styles of watches. Observe! Observe this watch jewelry. The configuration of the watch is entirely like a clock. This watch chain is produced by utilizing metal. The outline is looking exceptionally charming; young ladies can utilize it as easygoing and also formal wear with snappy tops and pants.

Amazing Necklace Watches Design

Ake a glance at this other watch neckband. The guitar configuration is making it more noticeable. Young ladies and young men especially the individuals who love music or guitar can run with this configuration of watch accessory. They can wear it is as going to music shows. Investigate the above pictures and let me know about the outline. Do you figure right? Yes obviously you are. It is an owl shape watch neckband. The owl is perched on a branch of a tree. This accessory is made by utilizing metal. His is an antique round face wrist watch accessory. The brilliant and dim impact on the metal are looking extremely pleasant and making it an antique bit of watch accessory. Ladies can wear it for adding some appeal to their identity. I trust that you will be without a doubt Astonished from this gathering. Is it accurate to say that you are or not? On the off chance that you are then you will doubtlessly need to purchase these watch pieces of jewelry likewise, so don’t stress over costs in light of the fact that these are never high.

These pieces of jewelry are effectively accessible into the business sectors on extremely shoddy rates. The watches outlines which are appeared beneath are synonymous with beauty, polish, and class. Every watch neckband is picked with most extreme care so it can coordinate with your prerequisite. Just best plans of watch neckbands are incorporated into this accumulation. Wearing watch neckband can be an appealing pattern for design significant others. In this way, you ought to be prepared for a climate of design and effortlessness by utilizing these pieces of jewelry!

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Brunello Cucinelli Ivory Knot Necklace: The Great White Way

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Brunello Cucinelli Ivory Knot Necklace

I’ve been hooked on Brunello Cucinelli since my very first purchase (a short sleeve cashmere blend coat with fox fur cuffs at the ends of the sleeves – doesn’t get more perfect for Southern California living). His jewelry is equally addicting. The aesthetic is soft and elegant, but there’s always a spectacular aspect that makes your heart stop. For instance, this necklace is really just a simple piece of stranded beads, but the effect is nothing short of breathtaking. The boldness comes from its uniquely layered, teardrop-shaped loops that cascade down like currents in a waterfall. The magnesite beads (minerals that can be dyed to match any color in the spectrum – but as you can see, sometimes no color at all makes the boldest statement) have the look of ivory, and since we don’t condone the use of ivory, it’s the perfect substitute. This necklace possesses a sense of grandeur, so it can definitely be dressed up. But with unpolished beads and leather straps connecting the back, it’s also casual enough to throw on over a cute summer dress, making this a piece you’ll wear often and get compliments on every time. 

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