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The 10 Pairs of Shoes Every College Girl Should Have in Her Closet

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Photo Credit: Elle
Photo Credit: Elle

Hi everyone! So this post is a bit of a sequel to my last article, 15 Tried-And-True Pieces Every College Woman Should Own. Last time, we talked about clothes, and this time, we're tackling my personal favorite subject - shoes!

When I say shoes are my favorite subject, I'm not lying: I'm a shoe addict andI want everything. And I mean everything, from basics to outrageous styles I could only wear once. Even coming up with JUST ten pairs for this list seemed insane! But after thinking hard about what I - and you - truly need,I finally narrowed it down. 

It's tempting to blow money on all sorts of shoes, but if you have these ten pairs, you shouldn't need more. So without further ado, here are the ten pairs of shoes every college girl needs in her closet:

Everyday Flat Sandals

Products: Brown Thong SandalWhite Lace-Up SandalBlack Plait Sandal

Gone are the days of flip-flops! Leave those for the beach days when you need a simple shoe. Instead, up your game with a pair of strappy sandals -- they're all the rage this summer! 

This shoe is one that you can slip on just like flip-flops, but you'll always look more polished and sophisticated. Strappy sandals go perfectly with your summer dresses or jeans! I bought a cognac pair of Aldo lace-up sandals (the color I have is sold out but you can still get them in white) and they go with every.single.outfit. 

Workout Shoes

Products: Nike PegasusAsics Gel-ContendNike Flex

As we all know from experience, the key to a successful college experience is balance. So don't quit exercising and taking care of your health just because you're swamped in studies! If you need more inspiration to work out, buying a new cute pair of sneaks will definitely do the trick. 

Even if you aren't an avid exerciser, these are essential for those days when you want to rock an athleisure look, or for when your car breaks down and you have to sprint to that meeting (okay that's a bit of a stretch, but you get what I mean)!

PS: The Nike and Adidas Outlets have some great steals!

Casual Sneakers

Products: Adidas Neo CourtsetConverseNike TXT

If you've read my Monthly Favorites and Wishlist column for the month of July, you know that I absolutely raved about my new causal Adidas sneakers. The casual sneaker is the shoe to go-to when you don't know what other shoes to wear. 99% of the time, they will match with whatever you have on at the moment. 

Yes I know what you're thinking. But I have sneakers already, why do I need these too? Because these will actually look good with outfits that don't involve athletic wear. Trust. One pair of sneakers for the gym and one for casual wear. Do it.

Ankle Booties

Products: G by GUESSBlack Galvin BootieNordstrom Stevie Lee 

Booties are important. I repeat: booties are important. I actually prefer booties over heels because they're more comfortable and can be worn in every season. I wear mine for parties and days of class alike. Although they are just a bit more casual than heels, they complement almost any outfit. 

What did I do before booties? Oh yeah. I would come home after a long night out with sore, blister-ridden feet. As I said, ankle booties have served me well. 

Riding Boots

Products: DSW TunisaJC Penney Cody BootNaturalizer Joylynn 

Ah yes. The riding boot. These are perfect for when the weather gets a little chillier, and you want to cover up, but still look fashionable. These are truly anessential to any woman's wardrobe because they're like a blank canvas. There is no debate about them. Let me explain...

Most shoes now have contrasting elements, such as heeled versus flat, pointy versus opened toe, slim versus regular. Riding boots are just simply riding boots and do not have to follow any trends. They're all uniform: tall, flat, and neutral colored. They're classic and forever in style.

Weather-Appropriate Boots 

Products: Bearpaw Snow BootsNordstrom Duck BootChooka Top Solid

Weather-appropriate boots will vary for each one of you, depending on where you live. For example, I go to school in Northern Missouri, and it snows. A lot. So for my 'weather-appropriate boots', I bought a pair of Uggs. If you live in a place where it rains a lot of the days, then your best choice would be rain boots. 

Now I realize that when many people think of snow or rain boots, they think of ugly galoshes. But there are some really cute styles out there!  It's important to have a pair of shoes that are suited for rainy or snowy weather, and it's worth it to pay a little more for something that will function for you.

Black Pumps

Products: Steve Madden PumpsDSW Journee Pump, Aldo Viadien

You knew this one was coming. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of black pumps! Invest in a high quality pair now and you'll have them for thenext decade! These shoes look great with everything and will take you from the office to your night out. 

Throw on your black heels with any outfit to pull your whole look together, giving you a chic vibe. 


Products: Steve Madden 'Wavi'Lulu's Caged WedgeLulu's Toffee Wedge

This shoe is perfect for the warmer months and gives you all the fashion points without all of the wobbling of a stiletto. These are great for the days when you know you'll be walking a lot. Wedges work with everything from flirty skirts during the day to sexy dresses at night! 

Statement Heels 

Products: Pretty Purple HeelsRoyal Blue Heels, Steve Madden Lace Up

Wear your statement heels out anytime you're feeling a little more daring. Statement heels can be anything and everything, and should be tailored to your style: leather, suede, bright, bold, or studded -- anything goes! But one thing they must be is UNIQUE. 

A good pair of statement heels will make even your simplest ensembles lookbrand new. So go ahead, throw your statement heels on, and rock them with confidence!

Ballet Flats

Products: Chinese Laundry FlatLulu's Seline BlackSpotted Flat

Now I will admit that I don't wear ballet flats very often, but still feel as though they are essential. Maybe your feet are tired. Or you want to look more professional. Or you just love that effortless French girl vibe. Ballet flats are your answer.

My favorite trick is to slip my ballet flats in my purse when I go out in my highest heels - instant comfort when I'm ready to head home!

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Best Sneakers of Summer: Kick it Up a Notch

Designer Shoes

Best Sneakers of SummerThough I’ve talked a lot about sandals this season (for obvious reasons), sneakers are just as much a necessity for summer, whether you’re sporting them to the gym or just feel like a little extra comfort! And with the convergence of workout wear and street wear at its peak, these are even easier to style than you think…

Valentino Mixed Media Camouflage Sneakers:The high-fashion kick remains trending, and few do it as well as Valentino. Camo paired with color and texture-blocking (and a strip of Rockstuds) make for a shoe as exciting as any pump.

Hogan Rebel Tweed Panel Sneakers:If you longed for the tweed sneakers wandering around the aisles of Chanel’s Fall ’14 supermarket, but couldn’t foot the bill, this tweed panel will give you your fix.

Axel Arigato Ostrich Embossed Leather Low Sneaker: When this Swedish shoe label noticed that women were buying up all of the men’s smallest sizes, they expanded into women’s footwear! 

Adidas x Stella McCartney Diorite Adizero Sneakers:Once again, Stella’s collaboration with Adidas makes working out chic (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time).

Athletic Propulsion Labs TechLoom Pro Knit Sneakers;This is for those of you who prefer your sneakers to do some work. APL is one of the top brands for runners and other athletes.

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Designer Shoes

1. From the responses and messages I received on my Gucci Marmont review, it seems like quite a few of you have been buying Gucci flats and loafers lately. As I stated, I love my Marmonts, and recently added this “Frame” style, in pink suede.

gucci pink loafer

I’m not a pink person usually, and own very few items of pink clothing, but these loafers just seemed so fun and bright for summer.  I promise, the color is even prettier in real life! I think they’ll look great with white shorts, casual denim…quite versatile, and the color makes them young and fun.

2. I thought this article on three days at Baselworld, via The NY Times, was quite interesting (and I’m not even really a watch person!). Lots of good tidbits and the writer has a sense of humor, too. The new Rolex Daytona is pretty fantastic looking, in my opinion.

Italian fashion designer Valentino (born Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani) (center, with red scarf) sits at a table with, from left, his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti, British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, and German actress and model Claudia Schiffer and her boyfiend, businessman Tim Jeffries, at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York during the Valentino Gala, New York, New York, June 14, 2000. (Photo by Rose Hartman/Getty Images)

3. I loved this gossipy little article, via The Hollywood Reporter, featuring tales from the Four Seasons restaurantin New York.

4. For those looking for a long but interesting read, I’d like to recommend this update on the Sumner Redstone inheritance battle/saga – Hostage to Fortune, via Vanity Fair. Its truly a fascinating story and it makes you wonder what Sumner truly wants…and whether that’s still the right thing to do. Would 85 year old Sumner want the same thing as 92 year old Sumner now? For a brief primer on the whole situation, I’d first read this piece, Who Controls Sumner Redstone?

5. This week I finished the fascinating, and often hilarious Disrupted, by Dan Lyons.


If you’ve ever watched Office Space, or Silicon Valley the show, you will like this book. My only beef is that sometimes Lyons seems to have too much of a personal vendetta against certain people – he’s plays the victim more than he needs to. Its a shame because he doesn’t need to – the crazy situations and ridiculous people he’s working with are more than enough to elicit sympathy for Lyons. But its a smaller quibble, and Disrupted was still incredibly engaging. I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended – especially if you work in Silicon Valley, and have to deal with some of the types described in the book (the “founder”, the “visionary”, the “VC”).

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Top Fur Shoes: I’m Fur Real

Designer Shoes

Top Fur Shoes

My sentiments for fur shoes differ greatly from fur bags. Think about it: Your wallet doesn’t get cold – but your feet do. That’s why fur shoes are a big SNOB for me. During Fashion Month not too long ago, no shoe was more visible than the furry soft Gucci loafer (in many variations), despite the simmering 90-degree temperatures in New York City. Here’s the best of the fresh fur crop:


1.Does it get more decadent than slipping your bare, hopefully newly pedicured foot into this tuft of lush fur? I think not. 


2.Glistening jacquard trimmed with a band of mink makes me feel like Anna Karenina, minus the heartbreak.


3. Your feet may not feel the tactile pleasure of this fur, but it’s all about looks here, and this ankle boot will have you looking ready to brave the winter chill. 


4. Impractical these shearling-trimmed slide sandals may be; then again, they’re the ultimate off-duty shoe for chilling out. 


5. You’ll be kicking up your heels, stat, with Rochas’ luxe Mary Janes, exuding pure evening glamour. 


6. The season of the snow bunny is almost upon us, and Tory Burch is ready to dress her for adventures both .


7. Ever so slightly reminiscent of boudoir slippers, these furry, baby pink sandals are ready to come out and play. 


8.Spotted feathers and delicate bows add soft sensuality to these already girly heels. 


9. When the temps dip, you’d never think of leaving home without a thick coat or parka. Give your feet to the same cozy treatment! 

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Happy Feet: Mabu By Maria BK Sandals

Designer Shoes

mabu by marie bk_butterboom
By Lau  /  April 26, 2016

If you’re looking for some fabulously fun sandals this summer, Mabu by Maria BK is the label to know. Based in Greece, the label is all about embellished footwear with a bohemian twist – these shoes look just as good walking the cobblestone streets of Mykonos as they do pounding the pavement in Causeway Bay.

maru by maria bk_butterboom

Maria BK started off designing shoes for friends at the young age of 17 and decided to take the leap of faith to launch her eponymous label in 2015. In less than a year, she’s attracted all the big names including Net-a-Porter for her shoe-stopping pieces at totally affordable prices.

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