Mulberry Got Cara Delevingne a Handbag Cake for her Birthday

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Mulberry Cara Delevingne Handbag Cake

Yesterday was Cara Delevingne’s 22nd birthday, and considering that she’s an international It Girl and supermodel from a well-to-do London family, you’d be excused for not knowing exactly what to get her. Mulberry, the brand that loves Cara the very most, did not seem quite so stumped; it got her an edible Mulberry Cara Delevinge Bag, bathed in black fondant.

In this post-Cake Boss world, everything has the potential to be an object that is also a cake, and handbags, with their generally blocky shapes, are relative child’s play to the stunt bakers of the world. Even so, this cake is a particularly good example of the genre; when it first appeared on Mulberry’s Twitter account, I had to look at it very closely to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

They weren’t. The cake is, of course, modeled after Mulberry’s yet-to-hit-stores collaboration with Delevingne, which mostly involves adding quilting (and sometimes backpack straps or studs) to Mulberry’s popular Bayswater shape. Mulberry and Delevingne are currently in the middle of a huge publicity tour for the bags, so here’s hoping they show up in stores soon.

If you were going to get a handbag birthday cake, which bag would you choose?

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Ageless Superhuman Jennifer Lopez Conducts Daily Life in Towering Casadei Pumps

Jennifer Lopez Casadei Blade Pumps

Here’s Jennifer Lopez, leaving a meeting at a studio in Century City, wearing Casadei Blade Pumps and carrying a Chanel bag. J-Lo is particularly fond of this style of Casadeis; we saw her in this pale grey suede pair back in May. You can find a pair of black suede Blades . Age-defying romper and Chanel bag sold separately.

Towering pumps with pencil-thin heels make up the vast majority of Jennifer Lopez’s designer shoe collection, but Jenny from the block also lays claim to a fair amount of towering, pencil-thin heeled boots as well. You can check them all out in “The Many Shoes of Jennifer Lopez.” If you simply can’t be sated by shoes, you can also peruse “The Many Bags of Jennifer Lopez” on PurseBlog.

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The Many Shoes of the Attendees of the Teen Choice Awards

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Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards aren’t the Oscars; there are no stunning gowns with extravagant trains. On the other hand, it seems like one that young celebs probably enjoy attending; it’s much more casual and fun. This year at the Teen Choice Awards, however, that fun came in the form of extravagant sandals and pumps all over the blue carpet.

Celebrities chose anything but casual footwear, and naturally, you can expect to see a fair number of Nudist Sandalsred soles, and a pair or two of Jimmy Choos.

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2014 Newest Louis Vuitton Women High Heels Preview

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2014 Newest Louis Vuitton Women High Heels1

It is no doubt that we love Louis Vuitton bags, but other Louis Vuitton accessories also very attractive and they are also very popular. For women, a great high heel been a necessary item in daily life, and here are new models Louis Vuitton Women High Heel For Fall 2014 Ad Campaign show below.

A pair of great shoes not only looks amazing, but the extremely comfortable interior will make us feel even more fabulous. And the images were taken in streets of Paris, featuring pumps crafted partly with suede and exotic leatherfor the night-out, discover the LV logo on the sole of these shoes, or embellished on the tag of the zipper. As the advice say of Marily Monroe:”Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”.

Now, take a view of the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2014 Shoe collection, shop them at Louis Vuitton store or online store like our site!

Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2014-Shoe-Ad-Campaign-Paris1 Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2014-Shoe-Ad-Campaign-Paris-41 Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2014-Shoe-Ad-Campaign-Paris-51Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2014-Shoe-Ad-Campaign-Paris-3

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What Are Your Thoughts on Foot Jewelry?

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Foot Jewelry

This weekend, I did a bit more shopping then usual because next week I’m leaving for Las Vegas, and of course I need some new jewels for the occasion. When I was shopping at ALDO, I noticed an abundance of toe rings and ankle cuffs.

As I was looking through this jewelry, I remembered seeing foot jewels on Instagram from different fashion bloggers, which got me thinking: Is this a full-blown trend? Hard to say.

After doing some research, House of Emmanuele has some of the most exquisite foot baubles I’ve seen. They may be extravagant both in appearance and in price, but I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t have been nice to have a pair of these when I was roaming the beaches of Bermuda. If you’re looking for a way to liven your pedicure or swimsuit, these baubles will cost you a pretty penny, but you certainly won’t go unnoticed.

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Want It Wednesday: Not-So-High Heels

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Want It Wednesday Mid Heel Shoes

After a long period of only favoring thin-heeled, high-platformed shoes, fashion footwear trends have become remarkably democratic in the past few seasons. If you want to wear something high-heeled and delicate, go right ahead. Prefer Birkenstocks or skate sneakers? Those are stylish too. Amidst all that mid-height heels have also made a place for themselves. Below, check our the Nike Shoes team’s current favorite options below four inches.

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